About the Brand


 A bespoke collection of timeless handcrafted jewelry, textured precious metals with organic gemstones.  Hilary Joy Diaz is a Fifth Avenue based jewelry designer and founder of The Hilary Joy Couture.  Inspired by Old World European architecture and Le Jardin de Tuileries gardens in Paris.  Hilary has created organic jewelry that is truly wearable art her life’s passion for over thirty years.   Each handcrafted sterling silver piece is created using one of a kind natural, exotic  gemstones which Hilary calls the wearers fingerprint. All gemstones have spiritual and healing properties associated with them so it is important to wear the gems as close to your skin as possible.  Hilary has traveled to over 21 countries worldwide and includes a piece of each in all of her collections.   Hilary Joy has her favorite gemstones which are labradorite, the gemstone of magic, lapis lazuli, Cleopatras favorite that she used to crush into eye makeup, ruby in zoisite which is a staple in the collection because it is referred to as Hilary’s everlasting bouquet of roses and pyrite which dates thousands of years back,  is also known as fools gold and Midnight Druzy, which reminds her of the stars in the clearest skies of Aspen.  Last but not least, Larimar from the Dominican Republic because of the amazing shades of blue that represents the sky and ocean .

 Hilary’s vast knowledge of exotic gemstones makes her a designer that is sought after for gemstone collections that are not in many brick and mortar stores.  When you receive your treasure from the collection you will be sure no one will have exactly the same exotic gemstone as you because no two are exactly the same.  Hilary believes the one you receive was meant for you!  Her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are all handmade with the attention being paid to each and every detail of her creations from the top all the way to the couture finishing on the back and inside of each piece.  Her gold plating is all 22k!  With all being said Hilary’s vision is to make sure that everyone can afford to wear her jewelry.   Hilary will donate a percentage of each and every sale to her favorite animal rescue fund!